[CASE STUDY] Building a Brand New IT Infrastructure for a Cloud-Based University in Dynamics 365

What do you say when your CIO asks you to build the entire IT infrastructure for a new Cloud-Based, Virtual University? You take a deep breath and then say; “Yes, of course!”

In this session, I will take you on a journey of how we built the IT infrastructure for a new Cloud-Based, Virtual University from scratch. I will share our experiences and challenges in building the IT solution all in the Microsoft Cloud, with the heart in Dynamics 365. I will also discuss how we learned Dynamics 365 while designing and building everything at the same time.

ECIU University (https://eciu.eu) is a consortium of 13 universities in Europe that has worked together for over 25 years and now takes everything to a new level.

Today, two years after the question from our CIO, the team has built:
– Our own IAM system
– A custom-built frontend web
– A Student Information System
– A Course Catalog
– An Integration Hub with APIs and Queues to communicate with the 13 member universities

The systems above is build on:
– 48 custom tables in D365 (Dataverse)
– 26 Cloud flows (Power Automate)
– 3 Canvas apps used in different forms (Power Apps)
– 2 Custom Connectors that are calling AI services and ESCO APIs

In this session, I will show you things like:
– How we added a workflow to handle the creation process of a course, including technical reviews and an approval flow
– A custom plugin that prevents manipulating published courses
– How we develop and deploy new versions of Dynamics 365 solutions
– And more…

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Discover how we learned Dynamics 365 from scratch while building our IT infrastructure
  2. Explore the possibilities of Dynamics 365 beyond the standard modules
  3. Use Custom Connectors to take your solution to the next level
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