[CASE STUDY] Transforming Enterprise Operations with Cegeka’s ERP Surround, powered by the Power Platform

Join us on a captivating journey into the world of Cegeka’s ERP Surround, to explore our innovative integration of Power Platform solutions with existing ERP (and CRM) systems.

In this session we will showcase a series of different internal and external examples such as using Power Apps and Power Automate to easily add products to ERP, streamline approval processes, book transport time slots, reserve meeting rooms, and manage device bookings directly from any smart device.

Aimed at revolutionizing the daily workflows of receptionists, technicians, administrators, and many more, this session is packed with practical applications and creative solutions that could change your business.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your organization’s ERP system, are interested in Power Platform capabilities, or seeking to understand the future of enterprise operational efficiency, this session is for you.

3 Benefits of Attending this Case Study:

  • Learn how Power Platform can streamline and simplify complex business operations, improving overall workflow efficiency.
  • Discover the process of developing innovative Power Apps that extend the functionality of ERP systems, catering to specific organizational needs and specific user groups.
  • Gain insights from various practical and real-life use cases, demonstrating the versatility of Power Platform.
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