Designing your Power Platform Environment Strategy

At the heart of the Power Platform are Environments.

The concept of ‘Environments’ within the Microsoft Power Platform is often overlooked. However, it should be one of the first items to consider when deploying Apps, Flows, Virtual Agents and Portals in your organisation – as this is where all those components are stored!

Developing an environment strategy means configuring environments and other layers of data security in a way that supports successful adoption of the Power Platform in your organisation, while securing and organising resources and ensuring Application Lifecycle Management best practices are maintained.

This session discusses the importance of Environments within the Power Platform and provides example recommended ways to implement and benefit from proactively managing them.

Why is the Default environment special?
Designing Environments for:
– Personal Productivity
– Departmental Apps and Flows
– Dev/Test/Production for Business-Critical Apps and Flows
– Application Lifecycle Management Best Practices
– Managing the Provisioning of Environments.
– Implementing Data Loss Prevention.
– Recommendations / Best Practices.

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