Don’t Get Knocked Out by Licensing Costs: Calculating the Value of a Power Platform Solution

What We’re Addressing: The Cost-Benefit Analysis in Power Platform

In this session, Lisa and Luise tackle a critical aspect of Power Platform development: understanding and calculating the real costs of your solution. We’ll start by setting up a common dilemma – choosing between Canvas Apps on a SharePoint list versus Canvas Apps or Model-Driven Apps on Dataverse. It’s not just about the upfront costs; we’re diving deep into what “”free”” really means and why it might be more expensive in the long run.

How We Break It Down: Practical Calculation Methods

We’ll guide you through a practical approach to put price tags on different aspects of Power Platform solutions. How do you calculate the risks associated with over-privileged users in SharePoint? What about the additional development time needed for Canvas Apps, as nothing comes out-of-the-box? We will provide you with tools and methodologies to assess these costs accurately.

Why This Matters: Beyond the Price Tag

It’s easy to hit a mental wall when faced with direct costs, but we want to lead you past that. This session focuses on showing the benefits of investing in a proper database like Dataverse in terms of security, user experience, developer experience, risk mitigation, and maintainability. We aim to demonstrate the real value behind a Power Apps premium license, which offers Dataverse access, against the so-called “”free”” options.

Conclusion: Seeing the Bigger Picture in Power Platform Investments

We wrap up by highlighting that if you can’t state a ROI of our solution, you might be building a toy, not a tool. This session is designed to shift your perspective from seeing costs as a barrier to understanding them as a valuable investment in your Power Platform journey.


Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Real Cost Insights: Understand the hidden costs of “free” options versus investing in solutions like Dataverse.
  2. Risk and Time Evaluation: Learn to evaluate risks and development time for different Power Platform options.
  3. Investment Benefits: Recognize the value of quality solutions in terms of security, user experience, and overall ROI.
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