Enabling the Power Platform: Creating a harmony between the Administrators and Makers

We hear it all the time; the IT department like to lock things down and the Makers want the freedom to use it all – but how can both live in harmony together?
Each and every organisations’ IT department will have an opinion of what should and shouldn’t be in place before the Power Platform can be deployed. This level of governance differs across organisations and typically depends upon the nature of the organisations business.
Makers on the other hand want to create Apps and Flows that make their day-to-day life easier – and ultimately don’t want any blockers or delays.
Understanding the perspectives and business objectives of those on both sides of the fence is fundamental to finding a suitable balance between ‘Governance’ and ‘Enablement’.
This session focuses on the perspectives of both the Admin and Maker personas, providing recommendations on solutions and processes to consider, enabling a harmonious co-existence:
– Implementing governance, security, and environmental strategies.
– Managing Maker new App and Flow requests; supporting Apps and Flows being created in the correct environment, with appropriate DLP policies applied.
– Communication, guidance, and best practices to ensure consistency and quality for all Apps and Flows.
– Defining training programmes and ongoing support.
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