Enterprise Low-Code – The Time is NOW!

Enterprise low-code platforms are maturing rapidly and with many of the big players continuing to invest heavily in their products, now is the time to re-consider what you thought possible with low-code in the enterprise setting and accelerate your adoption journey.

Join João Zorro (Head of Microsoft Apps and Cloud Engineering at Capgemini UK) and Kieran Holmes (Microsoft Power Platform FTRSA) as they walk you through some of the most frequently asked questions, such as ‘what is enterprise low-code?’ and ‘what can it do for my business?’. Learn how enterprise low-code can reduce the total cost of application ownership and help you to overcome global talent shortages.

Understand the important differences between enterprise low-code platforms and ordinary low-code platforms and give yourself the confidence to ask the right questions when reviewing offers.

Hear how enterprise low-code development now goes hand-in-hand with pro-code development, and how these fusion apps can be used to tackle the larger, more complex mission-critical scenarios.

If you want to enable your organisation to build cloud native applications and get them to market fast – then be sure not to miss this session!

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