Exploring the new authoring experience of Power Virtual Agents by creating a HR Assistant Bot!

When you call in sick, do you like to call your HR department? And if you want to know your vacation balance, would you like to switch to that HR app of which you always forget the URL?
And as the Human Resource Department, do you like answering all those small questions?
How about we try to facilitate both parties by building a chatbot instead?

In this session, I will show you a lot of new features of the new authoring experience for Power Virtual Agents. The new authoring experience combines the no-code functionality of Classic PVA with the pro-code extensibility of Bot Framework Composer.

I will show you this new functionality with the following examples:
– Get your vacation days with rich media as a response. Use Power FX to transform data.
– Create a “Call in sick topic” and automatically send an adaptive card to your manager when you call in sick.
– How to “escalate” an unanswered question to a private HR channel for HRD to follow up on. No question should be left behind!

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