Ideas & Inspiration: Getting Started & Driving Success With Power Platform At Scale

Understanding the many capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform is essential for any technology leader in today’s world. Yet, the more significant challenge for many business leaders is understanding how they can drive meaningful impact in their own businesses based on these technologies.

Power Platform makes incredible things possible at a fraction of the cost. Still, the focus often is on the plumbing or ways Power Platform supports that future state instead of envisioning future states powered by them. This session will focus on the best strategies to leverage when building business momentum around the Microsoft Power Platform. We will explore how organizations inspire and grow their usage of these tools and ideas/examples of Power Platform solutions that drive success for other customers.

Join Richard Harbridge, a Microsoft MVP and internationally recognized expert on Microsoft 365 and the Employee Experience, as he shares insight on how to better plan for, prepare for and benefit from the future of the Microsoft Power Platform.

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