Increase your productivity with these TOP 10 XrmToolBox Tools!

Do you also want to work smarter, not harder? In the era where you can build an app in almost no time, some tasks related to app development still takes quite some time to do or figure out. XTB offers a variety of Power Platform tools that can help you increase your productivity in many of these areas. No matter if you never heard of XTB or commonly use it, this is a session for you.

During this session, we will go through what tools that can help you write more efficient power automate flows and a smart hack on how to document your dataverse environment in one swoop. We’ll also take you through how easy it is to generate a code snippet to retrieve data from a dataverse environment.

Tune into this session where a Power Platform functional consultant and a developer share their go-to XTB Tools and when to use them. We promise you live demos and cheesy jokes and 10 tools you will never wanna forget about. See you there!

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