[SOLD OUT] Mastering Modern Power Apps: Build Reusable, Responsive and Robust Business Apps

Elevate your Power Apps development skills with a hands-on workshop dedicated to building responsive, well-designed business apps that are both powerful and user-friendly. In this intensive, full-day session, you will be guided by the experienced duo, Robin and Luise, through advanced techniques and best practices that will refine your app development process.

The workshop will delve into the art of creating modern Canvas apps with a focus on the principles of Fluent UI 2 design language, ensuring your applications areXZ not only intuitive but aesthetically aligned with modern user expectations. You will learn to implement Power Apps components effectively, harnessing their full potential for creating consistent and reusable elements that streamline your development process and align with your organization’s branding.

We’ll also tackle the essentials of crafting responsive applications that provide optimal user experience across all device screens, ensuring accessibility and performance are at the core of your designs. Beyond individual apps, the session will cover strategies for integrating these principles into custom pages within Model-driven apps, maintaining design and functional coherence throughout your app portfolio.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be equipped with the knowledge to:

  • Develop advanced Canvas apps with superior design and functionality.
  • Apply Fluent UI 2 design language to create cohesive and visually appealing interfaces.
  • Maximize the reusability of Power Apps components for efficient app development.
  • Design responsive apps that ensure a consistent experience on any screen size.
  • Integrate Canvas Apps into Model-driven apps (custom pages).
  • Integrate advanced accessibility features to create inclusive apps for all users.

3 Key Tutorial Takeaways:

  1. Proficiency in Fluent UI 2 for Modern App Design: Participants will gain expertise in using Fluent UI 2 design language to build intuitive and visually appealing Canvas apps that align with the latest design standards and user expectations.
  2. Mastery of Power Apps Components for Efficiency: Attendees will learn how to effectively use Power Apps components to create reusable and consistent elements across their apps, which facilitates efficient development, promotes maintainability, and ensures brand alignment.
  3. Skills in Creating Responsive and Accessible Apps: The workshop will equip attendees with the skills to design apps that offer a seamless and responsive user experience on any device, incorporating advanced accessibility features to ensure that the apps are inclusive and usable for all audiences.
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