[SOLD OUT] Power Automate Boot Camp

Are you new to Power Automate and want a jump start? Are you someone who has created a few Flows and wants to enhance their Power Automate skillset? Have your heard about Copilot and want to see how Copilot can help you create and update Flows? If so, this demo rich, interactive session is for you!

We’ll start the day with cloud Flows and walk you through the new Power Automate designer and discuss cloud Flow concepts. We’ll create a series of practical Flows that can likely be adapted for your organization. Then, we’ll discuss and demonstrate Desktop Flows and finish the day with discussion and demonstration of Business Process Flows. Whenever possible, we will leverage Copilot to help us build and update our Flows.

Concepts that you’ll learn will include:

  • Power Automate Expressions (Copilot is a big help!)
  • Approvals
  • Sequential and Parallel approvals
  • Approval Escalations
  • Approval Reminders
  • Using Solutions
  • Parent and child Flows
  • Licensing
  • Error Handling
  • Using SharePoint, the Dataverse and Excel as data sources
  • Best practices
  • Power Automate vs Logic Apps
  • Power Apps and Power Automate
  • And much more…

Attendees can expect to leave with a solid understanding of Power Automate Flows and when to use which type. In addition, you’ll have practical examples that can immediately be implemented.

You’ll learn how Copilot can speed up the process of creating and updating Flows. The ultimate goal of this session is to provide you with the skills and confidence that you need to begin creating your own Flows!

3 Key Takeaways of Attending this Tutorial:

  1. Full scope explanation of the different types of Flows
  2. Practical application for each type of Flow
  3. Understanding of the strength and weaknesses of each type of Flow. For example, when should you use Logic Apps rather than Power Automate
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