Power BI Administration and Governance Training Class

This training session will cover everything you need to know as a Power BI administrator or Power BI responsible. We will use theory and practice to learn concepts and apply them. This full-day course has four parts.

Part 1: Administrating Power BI – 1.5 hours

We will provide a Power BI environment; we will look at the main settings and determine which are essential and how they should be set according to best practices.

Part 2: Power BI Premium – 1 hour

We will set up Power BI premium and look through the administration options for dedicated capacity.

Part 3: The Power BI On-premises Data Gateway – 1 hour

We will investigate the role of the Enterprise Gateway, set it up, configure it and talk about how to administer it.

Part 4: Power BI Governance – 3.5 hours

We will look at Power BI governance and see how you can set governance strategy, create processes and roles and last but not least, how you can monitor your Power BI environment.

The attendees need to have a laptop to run the PowerShell code on.

Benefits of Attending this Tutorial:

  1. What the critical settings are in the Power BI Service and how to set them
  2. How to administer Power BI Premium and the On-premise Data Gateway
  3. How to govern your Power BI Environment
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