Power BI Datamarts – what is it and how do I benefit from it?

During MS Build 2022, Microsoft announced Power BI Datamarts, a new artifact in the Power BI ecosystem that should minimize the gap between self-service analysts and central BI teams, or IT if you will. Now, analysts should be able to get their ad-hoc analytics experience started, just from the Power BI Service.

But what exactly are Power BI Datamarts, and how to position them next to Power BI dataflows and datasets or even in your end-to-end data estate? Where to get started with Datamarts?

During this session, I will walk you through Power BI Datamarts and show them in practice, so that after the session, you can start taking advantage of them yourself directly!

After this session, you will be able to:
– Explain what Datamarts are, and how they are different than dataflows and Datasets.
– Know when you can consider using Datamarts, and where your central data platform is still required.
– Know how and where to get started with your first hands-on experience with Power BI Datamarts.

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