[SOLD OUT] Power Platform Best Practices in Architecture

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The Power Platform has emerged as a game-changing suite of tools for building low-code applications and automation, enabling organizations to accelerate their digital transformation journey. However, harnessing the full potential of this platform necessitates a solid architectural foundation. The “Power Platform Best Practices in Architecture” workshop comprehensively explores architecting solutions on the Power Platform and beyond.

The workshop encompasses various topics, addressing fundamental and advanced aspects of Power Platform architecture. Participants will gain insights into the significance of extending the Power Platform’s capabilities and how it fits into the broader enterprise architecture landscape.

One of the critical dimensions of this workshop is defining the distinct roles of software architects, solution architects, and enterprise architects in the Power Platform context. Moreover, the session explores the roles of development architects and admin architects, shedding light on how they collaborate to create robust solutions.

The interplay between applications and data is a pivotal theme in this workshop, as attendees will learn to choose the right data source for the job, including SharePoint, file-based storage, Dataverse, and databases. Likewise, they will discover how to choose the most suitable app type for specific scenarios, whether it’s SharePoint forms, Canvas apps, or Model-driven apps.

Integration with Azure services and other backend systems is another significant aspect of this workshop. Participants will delve into integration scenarios and gain the knowledge to select the optimal Azure service, such as Azure Functions, APIs, or Service Bus, to connect Power Platform solutions with external services seamlessly.

A strong focus on reusability, maintainability, and fostering an open-minded approach to architecture will be emphasized throughout the workshop, equipping attendees with the tools to craft solutions that stand the test of time.

Real-world use cases and the opportunity to review others’ work in architecture add practical depth to the workshop. Attendees will learn from both exemplary and cautionary examples, enabling them to understand the “good, bad, and ugly” in solution architecture.

The “Power Platform Best Practices in Architecture” workshop offers an in-depth exploration of architecting solutions on the Power Platform. With a blend of theoretical insights and practical wisdom, participants will be empowered to design robust, scalable, and future-proof solutions that leverage the full potential of the Power Platform.

3 Key Tutorial Takeaways:

  • – Holistic Understanding of Power Platform Architecture.
  • – Effective Decision-Making for Data and App Selection.
  • – Integration Excellence and Best Practices.

**This tutorial has sold out**

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