[SOLD OUT] Power Platform Infrastructure/Architecture Tutorial

Whether you have a brand-new Power Platform tenant, one you have been working on for some time, or have inherited a Power Platform tenant – one concern that always lingers is the underlying platform configuration – is what I have aligned to best practice and is making best use of what is available?

The Power Platform Infrastructure Workshop is designed to help individuals configure their Power Platform tenant from day zero to a point where it is configured to best practice, makes use of all the recommended solutions, and leverages the features and capabilities available within the service.

This workshop is for you if you are already a Power Platform admin and looking to hone your tenant or are just getting to grips with the vast array of controls, configurations, and community solutions. Facilitated by fantastic professionals that include a Microsoft MVP and a Power Platform FTRSA

Key features of the workshop:

  • How to configure a Power Platform tenant to best practice with all the bells and whistles!
    • Understand what is included within the existing Microsoft platform vs what additional tools you may want to consider
    • Explanation of the desired configurations and their outcomes
    • Walkthrough of key tooling used throughout
    • How we can extend the Power Platform
    • How to keep up to date with all things Power Platform

In this workshop we’ll be looking at three main technical areas:
• Power Platform tenant configuration (environment
• Installation and configuration of key tooling:
-Power Platform Landing Zone
-Power Platform Center of Excellence (CoE)
-Microsoft Power Platform Automation Center of Excellence (CoE)
-Power Platform Creator Kit
-Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Accelerator for Power Platform
• Wider M365/Azure security considerations (Azure AD, Azure, Security, and Compliance)

Activities you will carry out during the workshop:

  • How to configure a Power Platform tenant to best practice with all the extras
  • Create environments, DLP and security roles
  • Review the Out the box tooling
  • Install the Microsoft COE kit
  • Review the other tooling available to support you

For this workshop you will need:
• An existing test tenant you wish to set up the components on (optional, otherwise we will help you set up a test tenant on the day)
• A willingness to join in and have fun

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