[CASE STUDY] Successful Implementation and Adoption of Power Apps & Automate (Central Government – Defra UK)

Power Apps/Automate Product Manager Emma Shaw (Defra Group UK) talks through how Defra Group have adopted low code tools Power Apps & Automate, enabling both projects & business developers to utilise the tools & expedite digital transformation across the group.

This session will cover how they moved from a position of application & automation sprawl to building & implementing an adaptive governance model, streamlining delivery on the platform & ensuring business value. During this journey they incorporated senior sponsorship & business advocates through the organisation leading to a successful launch of Power Apps & Automate to over 30,000 users.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. How to start and continue your journey towards Power Apps/Automate adoption
  2. The importance of people – who you need to engage and who you’ll need to make it all happen
  3. This is a long-term journey, for as long as you’re using the tools
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