The intersection point of Low-code vs Pro-Code projects with regards to return on investment

Low code and pro code seem to get into a fight whenever they are brought together. But is it fair to assume that a project done in a pro code environment is always better?

For distinguishing the turn-over point between the two approaches, a lot of information has to be put into account. Complexity, availability of resources, licenses and much more is all to be considered.

During this session, a look into what makes a low code candidate a good candidate will be provided as well as information on when not to go for low-code. An honoust overview of the complexity on low-code will be provided to show that sometimes a pro-code approach can indeed be more beneficial.

Will this be a session for team pro-code? No, damage will be dealt towards pro-code to show the benefits of having low-code in your battlepack!

Low-code vs Pro-code decided once and for all? Find out during this informative session between the titans 😉

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