The Power of the Power Platform: How EMA transformed from a siloed application landscape to a centralised digtal cloud-only platform

EMA is responsible for the scientific evaluation, supervision, and safety monitoring of medicines developed by pharmaceutical companies for use in the European Union (EU). Before the introduction of the Power Platform, EMA had a complex business and technical landscape with a large set of traditional on-premises hard-to-maintain siloed applications. This landscape made it difficult to collaborate and share information among departments and external stakeholders.To address this issue, EMA decided to migrate its applications to a centralized digital cloud-only platform based on Microsoft’s Power Platform.

The Power Platform is a low-code platform that allows users to build custom business applications quickly and easily.EMA’s migration involved several design decisions, including choosing the Power Platform as the foundation of the new digital platform. This decision provided several benefits, including increased collaboration and communication among departments and external stakeholders, improved data sharing, and enhanced security and compliance.EMA also used Power Pages in its portfolio to provide users with a customizable interface that allowed them to access relevant information quickly and easily.

Power Pages are customizable, context-aware, and responsive web pages that are built on top of the Power Platform.Looking ahead, EMA plans to continue to develop and refine its digital platform, with a focus on improving collaboration and data sharing among stakeholders, enhancing user experience and accessibility, and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations.

Do you want to see why the European Medicines Agency (EMA) decided to adapt their technology and how they managed to migrate a large set of traditional on-prem hard-to-maintain siloed applications onto a centralised digital cloud-only platform with a large user base across the EEA and the world (20K+ external users)? In our talk we will provide you with our insights on the background, the lessons learned and future outlook that you as business decision maker may be facing yourself.

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