Unleash AI-driven conversational intelligence in Power Virtual Agents

Conversational experiences are powering customer engagements more than ever and with the advent of Generative AI, creating your own is easier than ever!

This session will dive into the process of setting up boosted conversations directly from a website, enabling businesses to engage with customers in just a few clicks. You will learn how to leverage Co-pilot, to create dynamic and engaging topics in your chatbots that enhance the conversational experience.

We will explore the integration of Power Virtual Agents with business data, enabling real-time data retrieval and leveraging Azure OpenAI’s powerful capabilities to transform raw data into meaningful conversations.

This session offers a comprehensive exploration of how Power Virtual Agents, combined with the latest advancements in AI technology, can empower customer conversations.

Through live demos you will leave with practical knowledge and insights to leverage generative virtual agents and deliver exceptional conversational intelligence to your customers, partners and employees.

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