[CASE STUDY] Unleashing the Potential of the Power Platform for a Bunch of Bankers: A Technical Deep Dive

In a world of strict financial rules, a leading Norwegian bank has reshaped the Anti-Money Laundering controls utilizing the full width of the Power Platform, empowering the bankers in their daily work. We will dive into the technical capabilities and solutions that ultimately lead to the successful adoption of a flexible and reusable reporting and monitoring system of cases and quality controls.

Our technical deep dive offers insights into Power Platform’s multifaceted functionalities, covering topics such as data integration, automation, analytics, security, robustness, reusability, data quality enhancement, and connecting to on-premises data sources.

The session equips you with a profound understanding of Power Platform’s potential to solve complex and business-critical processes at a rapid pace. This is your opportunity to explore how low-code fuels innovation, insights, and compliance.

3 Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Technical insights for building robust solutions
  2. How to solve complex and business-critical processes at a rapid pace
  3. Use of low-code technology to gain a competitive edge in dynamic and rapidly evolving markets
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