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Latest from Microsoft Ignite for IT Pros

Microsoft Ignite once again brings in a plethora of announcements, changes, new features, new services and things to keep track of. This session will highlight what’s essential, tell you what’s interesting and shine light on things you might have missed during the week of Ignite. If you’re a IT Pro working with Microsoft Azure, Office… READ MORE

Be more productive with the new Office 365 features

Take an hour with Jeremy Thake, VP of Product Technology at Hyperfish, to find out all the hottest news from Ignite for end users. Jeremy will strip through all the IT Pro nonsense you don’t need to know, wipe out any coding stories you just don’t care about. Get down to the new functionality in Office 365 that will make you a better user! Let Jeremy do all the detective work for you so you can get back to doing the job you’re paid to do!