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Microsoft Azure Week is HERE! 🚀

We’re excited to announce the kickoff of Azure Week. This immersive event is tailored to provide you with free online learning opportunities covering various facets of Azure.

Join us as we bring together experts, community leaders, and Azure enthusiasts to share valuable insights, best practices, and innovative approaches.

Explore a wide range of topics covering Azure Migration, Microsoft Sentinel, Azure Open AI, Azure Networking and more.

Save the dates and be sure to register below. Get ready to elevate your skills with Azure!

Welcome to Microsoft Azure Week!

We are excited to announce our upcoming Microsoft Azure Content Week, which will take place from 15th – 19th July 2024. This event is designed to provide you with free online learning opportunities on various topics related to Microsoft Azure.

Learn from the experts and gain valuable insights and knowledge from leading community members, Microsoft Azure experts, and MVPs. Get inspired by discovering new ideas and approaches to help you succeed in your work.

Be sure to join us – you won’t want to miss out! Register below.


Your Azure Migration Project Is Doomed To FAIL!
Your Azure Migration Project Is Doomed To FAIL!

Monday | 15th July | 16:00 CEST

Aidan Finn, MVP

This webinar will explain the difference between “cloud adoption” and “cloud migration”. Too many organisations mix up the two and jump straight to migration.

As a result, they forget to make the necessary changes to people, processes, and tools. The migration might succeed – but adoption is doomed to fail. Once we get over the doom and gloom we’ll talk about how to succeed, focusing on what is necessary to drive adoption and innovation with The Cloud in your organisation.

SOC in an hour!
SOC in an hour!

Tuesday | 16th July | 11:00 CEST

Ben Thomas

Watch how within this session, you can provision Microsoft Sentinel and be up and running within the hour.

Azure AI Studio/Open AI Offerings
Azure AI Studio/Open AI Offerings

Tuesday | 16th July | 15:00 CEST

Alec Harrison, MVP

Have you heard about Chat GPT? Do you think Open AI could be the future of your company, or make your job way easier? Where does it sit today?

In this session, we will discuss where Open AI currently sits in Azure. Cover some cool technology like Azure communication services, Twillio, Azure Open AI, and Logic Apps. We will debunk some myths, discuss how to get access to Azure Open AI, build out a low code/no code solution to leverage Azure Open AI, and finally build out our own version of an SMS-based search engine. After this talk, you will be able to build a system that allows you to send a text message to a number and have Open AI answer you wherever you have text message coverage for Free*.

Turn your RAGs to Riches using Azure OpenAI
Turn your RAGs to Riches using Azure OpenAI

Wednesday | 17th July | 13:00 CEST

Alexander Billington

A vast treasure of knowledge is contained within all of your documentation, but trying to trawl through 10,000+ documents to find what you need can be a daunting task. 

But have no fear! Using Retrival Augmented Generation and Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI you can quickly and easily leverage the power of Generative AI to make sense of all of the information locked away in those pesky PDFs!

In this talk I will cover the basics of Generative AI, Large Language Models, and Vector Data bases before demonstrating how you can quickly and easily build a RAG implementation using industry leadings tools: Azure OpenAI, PromptFlow and LangChain!

Exploring Azure Arc: Unleashing Extended Security Updates!
Exploring Azure Arc: Unleashing Extended Security Updates!

Thursday | 18th July | 11:00 CEST

Wim Matthyssen, MVP

In this session, we delve into the powerful world of Azure Arc as we unveil Extended Security Updates (ESU) enabled by Azure Arc.

Discover the seamless integration and enhanced security measures that enable you to effortlessly purchase and deploy ESUs via Azure Arc, whether in on-premises or multi cloud environments.

This feature not only safeguards your end-of-support Windows 2012 or 2012 R2 servers but also enhances your ability to protect, secure, and govern them effectively.

Webinar (22)
Azure Networking: An Essential Skill for Cloud Architects and IT Professionals

Friday | 19th July | 11:00 CEST

Alan Kinane, MVP

Whether you’re a cloud architect, engineer, or developer, gaining a thorough understanding of Azure Networking is a pivotal element of your IT toolkit.

This session is designed to deepen your comprehension of the networking fundamentals that are critical in today’s cloud-centric job roles. As the fabric of cloud infrastructure becomes more intricate, the ability to adeptly navigate, implement, and manage network systems within Azure becomes crucial. 

In this session, we will walk through the essential concepts and practices, enabling you to construct secure, scalable, and robust cloud networks.






Webinar Recording Template (8)
Service Principals & Managed Identities – How to Properly Secure your Azure Resources?

Shannon Kuehn

Webinar Recording Template (9)
Start Building Serverless Applications on Azure

Marc Duiker, MVP

Webinar Recording Template (10)
Azure Static Web Apps: hit the ground running!

Rick van den Bosch

Webinar Recording Template (11)
Azure is Hybrid by Design

Lisa Clark, MVP

Webinar Recording Template (12)
Getting Started in Azure DevOps

Damian Flynn

Webinar Recording Template (13)
Azure Monitor for the Enterprise

Michael Jonsson, MVP

Webinar Recording Template (14)
Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, or Azure Synapse Analytics? When to use what

Lisa Hoving, MVP

Migrating Enterprise Applications to Azure Cloud Native

Mihai Tataran



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