Finding out what values were used on a deployed helm chart

Let’s set the scene. You deployed the NGINX ingress controller a while ago onto an AKS cluster by following the Microsoft Docs and now need to update the nginx ingress controller but add a new configuration. If you read the doc page, you will notice the helm command is not using a values file but rather using the –set switch. If you have not saved the switches you used and you just do an upgrade, you can lose your settings. You could use the –reuse-vales switch, but that does not always work. Let’s have a quick look at how to find the currently used values.

The solution

Information: to get rid of the “USER-SUPPLIED VALUES:” line all you have to do is use the -o yaml switch. I have updated the commands to include this, but I have not updated the images.

The solution is simple and built into helm already. Let’s have a look at the command now. Just make sure you change the release name and namespace to the release you are checking.

1helm get values releasename -n namespace -o yaml

You can now see all the values that are currently being used. But wait, we have another trick up our sleeve. You can save the output to a YAML file and use that as a values file going forward. To do that you can use the following command. Again, just change the release name and namespace to match yours.

1helm get values releasename -n namespace -o yaml > values.yaml

And there you have it a nice uncomplicated way to find out what values were used for a deployed helm chart.

I hope you found this useful. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out.

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