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July 15 - 19
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Get ready for an in-depth learning experience with this year’s expert-led, full-day tutorials on Microsoft Power Platform, Copilot, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Azure, Microsoft Fabric, Bicep, and AI.

Taking place on December 2nd, ESPC24’s tutorials offer an unmatched chance to dive deep into your chosen subject and elevate your skills to the next level.

Explore the tutorials below to discover the perfect fit for your interests and professional development!

ESPC Microsoft Keynotes

Jeff Teper

President - Collaborative Apps & Platforms

Karuana Gatimu

Principal Manager, M365 Customer Advocacy in Collaborative Apps and Platform


Robin Rosengrün, MVP & Luise Freese, MVP

In this practical session, you will have the opportunity to take your first steps with Power Apps Canvas Apps and SharePoint lists, as well as streamline a business process using Power Automate Cloud Flows. Equipped with tips, tricks, and best practices, you’ll be well on your way to building your own apps and flows in no time.

Mark Rackley, MVP & Susan Hanley, MVP

Corporate communications are essential for building trust, engagement, and collaboration within and across organizations. However, many communicators face challenges such as information overload, siloed teams, outdated tools, and lack of feedback. How can you overcome these obstacles and create effective, impactful, and engaging corporate communications?

Paolo Pialorsi, MVP

Explore the fundamentals of Microsoft Copilot’s extensibility model and discover practical steps to begin leveraging it. Participants will learn how to use Microsoft Copilot Studio to develop custom Copilots, leveraging Generative AI with SharePoint/OneDrive and other custom data sources, and creating custom Actions to interact with Power Platform Connectors, Flows, Microsoft Dataverse, and more. They will also learn how to build Copilot Plugins to extend the Microsoft 365 Chat experience.

Vlad Catrinescu, MVP & Habib Mankal, MVP

Microsoft Teams is used by over 300 million users daily, but many organizations still do not maximize its potential, or are worried that not all governance settings are configured correctly. In this workshop , you will learn everything you need to know to manage Microsoft Teams in your organization.

Did we mention that during this workshop you will be able to follow along and do everything in your own demo environment? Doing is the best way to learn, and we will make sure you have a safe environment where you can practice during our workshop!

Andrew Connell, MVP

If you have little to no experience creating apps for Microsoft Teams using full-stack development techniques, this is for you! After covering what tools you need to start creating Microsoft Teams Apps, you’ll learn how to build different components to extend Microsoft Teams. This includes building personal & channel tabs (apps), bots, and message extensions for Microsoft Teams. And, you’ll learn how to take your message extensions and use them as Copilot plugins if your users have Copilot for Microsoft 365!

Come explore Azure command-line tools with us! Throughout this full-day tutorial we will guide you through using Azure PowerShell and Azure CLI, showing their individual and combined capabilities for effective Azure resource management. Discover how PowerShell can make Azure CLI even better and discuss the occasional differences between the tools and what Microsoft is doing to fix them.

Jason Himmelstein, Microsoft & John P. White, MVP

This hands on tutorial will expose you to all of the new things that Fabric brings to the table from a uniquely Power BI perspective. During this tutorial, you will provision a new tenant, and walk through a series of exercises that expose you to many of these fabric features. After the tutorial, you will retain access to the tenant for 90 days.

Ahmad Najjar, MVP

This hands-on workshop is designed to bridge the gap between low-code enthusiasts and the limitless possibilities offered by Azure Services and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Combined with Azure, the Power Platform unleashes a world of possibilities for creating intelligent, adaptive, and scalable apps and workflows.

Simon Wåhlin, MVP

Join this full day, high-paced, hands-on tour through the world of Infrastructure as Code!

Designed for both IT professionals and developers, this tutorial is your gateway to mastering Infrastructure as Code on Azure. Whether you’re new to Bicep or looking to deepen your existing knowledge, this tutorial is structured to enhance your skills at every level.

Since ChatGPT, everybody became aware of the power of large AI models, yet not many people have an overview of this field, and how to get started.

This workshop provides a closer look at the state of the art of large AI models that you can use. This is a rapidly evolving field and the workshop will aim at talking about the available state of the art.

This workshop will start introductory but cover more advanced topics. No deep-learning experience required.

This workshop will be a deep-dive on strategies for planning and executing Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle and Records Management in the workplace from both a Records Manager’s and IT-Pro’s perspective. With compliance concerns on the rise in the modern workplace today, compliance teams are reaching out to their IT-Pro partners for assistance. This is unfamiliar territory for many; this workshop is built to help clear the path forward for both sides.


This is a deep-dive workshop on modern infrastructure security – on premise and in the cloud. During this workshop, we will learn how to identify the areas of vulnerability and manage them.

After completing this course, you will know how to analyze emerging trends in attack techniques, identify areas of vulnerability within your organization, prepare a risk assessment for your organization, and much more!

In this interactive workshop, we will start at the beginning and ramp up your copilot understanding with education sessions and interactive sessions where you can test the tools out in a safe space. Be prepared to truly understand how this works so you can be READY for some of the biggest changes about to take place in the tech world TODAY!

This workshop will:

  • Demonstrate the art of the possible for Content AI.
  • Provide practical use cases for them with real examples from the presenters.
  • Provide you with hands-on experience with each of them that you can use to take back for your organisation or clients.
  • Position you for the future of AI with your content.
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