ESPC21 Online Programme Team

Please meet the incredible programme team responsible for creating the conference programme for ESPC21 Online. The Team work through the year to create and curate an exceptional programme of content for ESPC21 Online covering Microsoft 365 and Azure, giving you the tools to learn, compete and excel.

Programme Chairs

Jussi Roine | North Advisors | Finland

Born in ’77, I was drawn to computers at the ripe age of 5 when my parents brought home a VIC-20 home computer. I became a programmer at the same ripe age of 5 when I could type 10 PRINT “MY NAME IS JUSSI.” If we discard my questionable past working with Unix and Linux systems, I’ve worked for multiple Microsoft Partner companies since 1990. For the past decade or so, I worked at the company I co-founded, and in late 2019 I joined Microsoft as an Azure Developer Audience Lead. It was fun, but I’m better at building something from scratch – and now I run our new company, North Advisors, that focuses on Azure and Power Platform consulting and support.

During my spare time, I also co-produce the ravishing Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast, with new episodes each week.

You can contact me on Twitter @jussiroine.

Magnus Mårtensson | Microsoft RD | MVP | Loftysoft | Sweden

Magnus is Founder/CEO of Loftysoft a Microsoft Azure Most Valuable Professional and a Microsoft Regional Director. He is a consultant, tutor, process coach, technical lead and an international speaker traveling the world to teach, network and passionately learn and experience. Some of his passions include connecting with audiences and organizing online and global conferences such as CloudBurst and GlobalAzure. The first Azure MVP in the Nordic countries in 2012 and awarded MVP of the year.

He is an Azure Advisor go-to person for Microsoft regarding Enterprise Cloud Consulting. Magnus has been a consultant for 20 years and has the maximum possible experience time consulting on the Azure Platform.


Programme Team Members


Tracy van der Schyff | MVP | The Guid Stuff | South Africa

To facilitate the evolution of human capabilities, Tracy’s passion is to empower people and therefore training and change management lie close to her heart. Her Mission is to positively impact WHAT and HOW people create, as she believes that what we design / create, designs / creates us back (Ontological Design). It is about enabling others to serve themselves better, expand their possibilities, increase their capacity to learn, act more effectively and better design their future.

Maarten Eekels | Microsoft RD | MVP | Portiva | Netherlands

Maarten Eekels (@maarteneekels) is Microsoft MVP, Microsoft Regional Director, and Chief Digital Officer of Portiva, one of the larger Microsoft Cloud implementation partners in the Netherlands.

Maarten is an experienced Microsoft 365 and Security specialist and already since version 2003 he is involved in implementing SharePoint and (later) Microsoft 365.

As an entrepreneur himself, Maarten is mentoring start-ups and helping founders and leaders break through glass ceilings for growing their business and helping avoid certain pitfalls. Also, Maarten is a regular speaker on both national and international events, like conferences, SharePoint Saturdays, and user group meetings.


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