ESPC Inspire Awards
ESPC Inspire Awards Nominate Now
ESPC Inspire Awards Nominate Now

Welcome to the ESPC Inspire Awards – Honouring Excellence and Innovation! 

We are thrilled to introduce a fresh community endeavour – the ESPC Inspire Awards. This program is committed to celebrating and acknowledging remarkable talents, inspiring personalities, and those who drive positive change within our community. Shine a spotlight on the true heroes of the community by nominating someone you think is deserving of one or more of these honourable awards.


The ESPC Inspire Awards brings together a platform for recognising outstanding achievements and contributions across a variety of categories that define our vibrant community. These awards aim to honour the deserving community members who make a difference, the trailblazers who lead with innovation, and the mentors who guide and support others on their journey and reward those in the Microsoft 365 space for their hard work, innovation, collaboration, and dedication, inspiring us all to reach new heights in the world of technology.


Nominate the deserving individuals who have inspired you with their dedication, innovation, and unwavering commitment to the community. Your vote matters, and your voice will contribute to celebrating the remarkable achievements of our fellow community members.

Nomination Phase: From September 5th, you can nominate worthy individuals who have made a mark in one or more of the award categories. Submit your nomination/s by October 10th.

Judging Phase: Once nominations are in, an independent judging panel will work together to decide a final winner for each award category. See below for more information on the judging panel.


Best Community Contributor

This award recognises individuals who have demonstrated exceptional enthusiasm, dedication and positive impact across the community. Nominees will be awarded for contributing, innovating, collaborating and showing support within the community.

Best Podcast

The Best Podcast award recognises content creators who deliver innovative, informative and engaging podcasts loved by the community. This award honours the voices that have sparked insightful discussions and ideas that have inspired the community. 

Best YouTube Channel

The Best YouTube Channel award recognises YouTube creators who create authentic and helpful content while maintaining a strong sense of community. Nominees will be awarded for their remarkable content and their effort to educate and engage the community.

Best Online Courses

This award recognises an individual or organisation who provides an impactful learning experience through their high-quality online education resources, enabling individuals to progress in their field. They also demonstrate excellence and innovation in online education.

Diversity Leader Award

This award recognises individuals who are passionate about and encourage diversity and inclusion. Nominees will have worked with and/or created inclusive environments, advocated for underrepresented groups, showcased leadership and fostered positive change in the community. 

Tech Trailblazer Award

This award recognises an individual who has shown outstanding innovation, leadership and positive spirit, inspiring others to follow in their footsteps. This individual will have demonstrated perseverance and inspiring achievements, leaving a positive impact on others.

Wellness Champion

This award recognises an individual who has demonstrated exceptional leadership in promoting and encouraging well-being within their organisation and wider communityThis person is passionate about physical, mental, and emotional health and has made a positive impact through their efforts.

Mentorship Award

This award recognises individuals who have shown dedication to mentoring others and acknowledges their commitment to guiding, advising and supporting others in their personal and professional growth. This person will have made a positive impact on the lives and careers of their mentees. 

Young Female STEM Award

The Young Female STEM award will be given to an inspiring young woman who has demonstrated remarkable achievements, innovation, and leadership in the field of STEM. The winner of this award will have shown exceptional dedication and act as a role model for other young women in STEM. 


Meet the 2023 ESPC Inspire Awards Judging Panel


Magnus Mårtensson


CEO of Loftysoft


Luise Freese


Independent Microsoft 365 Consultant


Paolo Pialorsi


Solution Architect, Speaker, Book Author & Tranier

Yannick Reekmans Inspire Awards Judge (1)

Yannick Reekmans


Managing Partner & Cloud Solution Architect


Merthe Stave


Chief Customer Officer & Senior Cloud Architect

Untitled design

Jussi Roine


IT Architect


Maarten Eekels


CTO of Rapid Circle

Submission deadline is Tuesday October 10th.

Terms and Conditions

If you have any queries about the ESPC Inspire Awards, please contact:

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