Azure week
Microsoft Azure Week at ESPC

Azure AI Week has landed!

Welcome to a brand new Content Week. This week will focus on Azure AI – a full week of free online Azure AI learning from leaders in the community.

Be sure to join one of the many fantastic live webinars taking place throughout the week. Learn all about Generative AI, Azure Open AI Service, Prompts and more! View the webinar schedule below.

In between webinars, why not enjoy one of our super helpful Azure AI blogs submitted by leading members of the community and MVPs. Check them out below!


Generative AI in your company: Use Azure OpenAI with your own data

15th January 11:00 CET

Alexander Wachtel

Adopting the Azure Open AI Service

16th January 14:00 CET

Cillian Bissett

Prompts – Engineering or Art of Engaging with LLMs

17th January 15:00 CET

Kasam Shaikh

Features of generative AI workloads on Azure

19th January 12:00 CET

Frank Falvey

Welcome to a brand new Content Week! This week will focus on Azure AI. 

Join us Jan 15-19 to learn all about Generative AI, Azure Open AI Service, Prompts and more!

View the webinar schedule below:

Azure AI Webinar Schedule

Date & TimeTitleDescriptionSpeaker
15th Jan
Generative AI in your company: Use Azure OpenAI with your own dataWith the rapid adoption companies across all industries have the opportunity to use generative AI to create personalized content, improve customer engagement, and increase operational efficiency. In this talk, Alexander Wachtel, Microsoft AI MVP & MCT, explains how you can revolutionize your company using Azure OpenAI. Through generative AI and the integration of company-internal knowledge sources, human-like texts can be generated for all customer inquiries. This talk provides a basic understanding of generative AI and introduces the possibilities of Azure OpenAI.Alexander Wachtel

16th Jan


Adopting the Azure Open AI ServiceThis webinar will both give a basic introduction to the Azure Open AI service, and focus on all the considerations you need to walk through before you start using it. Additionally, we’ll share one or two code snippets to highlight how easy the service is to useCillian Bissett
17th Jan
Prompts – Engineering or Art of Engaging with LLMs

I am excited to present a session on “Prompt Engineering,” a subject that lies at the intersection of art and science and may well be your next job title. In this session, we will delve into the fascinating realm of prompt engineering, exploring its nuances, intricacies, and its pivotal role in the world of AI.

Topics we will cover include understanding the anatomy of prompts and tokens, the critical relationship between prompts and cost efficiency, and the general and technical recommendations for effective prompt design. We will also dive into the realm of few-shot prompts, prompt chaining, and prompt flow, unlocking their potential for enhancing AI interactions and problem-solving.

Whether you are an aspiring prompt engineer, a seasoned AI professional, or simply curious about the future of human-machine collaboration, this session promises to offer valuable insights, practical knowledge, and learning resources to expand your expertise in prompt engineering.

Join me for an engaging exploration of this dynamic field, and discover how prompt engineering can not only shape the future of AI but also potentially become your next job title. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the art and science of prompt engineering.

We look forward to your participation and meaningful discussions during this session.

Kasam Shaikh
19th Jan
Features of generative AI workloads on Azure Frank Falvey


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