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Mike Fitzmaurice Webinar

Title: Stage-Based Workflows: A Better Way To Model and Manage Processes

Speakers: Mike Fitzmaurice, Chief Evangelist & VP North America

Date and Time: Thu, Nov 21, 2019 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CET

Webinar Description:
WEBCON excels at it. Power Automate’s Business Process Flows can do it. SharePoint Designer did it. Nintex has support for it.
“It” is state machine logic, a computer science concept with VERY tangible real-world benefits.
You can move backwards, forwards, and sideways. You can make changes with less disruption. You can make it easier for users to participate in and validate your designs. This webinar will start by explaining how stage-based designs and processes work, move on to why they’re often far better than classic sequential processes, and conclude with examples of how to build and run such solutions. It’s the most useful workflow “secret” you can possibly learn.

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Robert Hutter Webinar

Title: Business Process Automation with FireStart, SharePoint and Office 365

Speakers: Robert Hutter, Founder and CEO, FireStart

Date and Time: Thu, Dec 12, 2019 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CET

Webinar Description:
In recent years, many options came up within and beyond SharePoint to build and automate business processes, ranging from Microsoft Flow/Power Apps, SharePoint Designer to Logic Apps and dedicated BPM platforms. With that toolsets in mind, you many different possibilities in terms of styles and architectures on how to build and maintain workflows in a professional way, ranging from stage-gate flow charts to BPMN based process notations. This session will explain the basics of the different notations, architectures and use cases and how to use the FireStart BPM platform to deliver smart business processes to your organization with a Low-Code approach.

Key benefits of attending this webinar?

  • Learn how to use BPMN notation for process design
  • Build and run business processes with a low-code approach
  • Conntect you workflows with SharePoint and Office 365 Services
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Stefano Tempesta Webinar

Stefano Tempesta Webinar

Title: Secure Multiparty Machine Learning with Azure Confidential Computing

Speaker: Stefano Tempesta, Microsoft RD (Regional Director) and MVP, Avanade, UK 

Date and Time: Tue, Dec 17, 2019 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CET

Preserving privacy when processing data from multiple sources with machine learning is always a challenge. Organisations may want to perform collaborative data analytics while guaranteeing the privacy of their individual datasets. Combining multiple data sources to support a better algorithmic outcome improves accuracy of prediction, but it may come at a cost to confidentiality, if sensitive information is not accurately protected. 

Azure Confidential Computing adds new data security capabilities to the cloud and specifically to machine learning processing. By using trusted execution environments (TEEs) to protect your data while in use, with confidential computing, you can use machine learning algorithms across different organisations to better train models, without revealing the processed data. 

In this webinar, Stefano Tempesta, Microsoft Regional Director and MVP on AI and Business Applications, will present the benefits of Azure Confidential Computing in an ML scenario, where two separate health institutes collaborate on data analysis and prediction using Azure Machine Learning, and still mask any sensitive information to protect the privacy of their patients. 

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