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Title: Build Resilient Apps with Microsoft 365 Developer Proxy

Speaker: Garry Trinder, United Kingdom

Date and Time:  Wednesday, October 04th, 3:00pm – 4:00pm CEST

Webinar Description:   So you’ve built an app and you are ready to release to your users. Or are you? Before you do, stop and answer these questions:

  • Do you know how your app will handle cloud API failures?
  • Do you know how your app will handle throttling or rate limiting?
  • Is your app requesting the least amount of permissions it needs?

We show you how to answer these questions. You won’t even need to change any code. Join us to learn how to build more resilient, performant and secure apps with Microsoft 365 Developer Proxy. This will be an introductory session, so we will cover the problem space that the proxy helps with and walk through the setup of how to get started.

Speaker Bio: Garry has specialised in SharePoint and Microsoft 356 extensibility for the past decade and has had many roles from administrator, developer, consultant and architect. He is passionate about community, is a Microsoft 365 Community (PnP) team member and co-maintainer of the open source tenant management tool, CLI for Microsoft 365.

Experience: Level 100

Audience: Developers, Testers, Administrators

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Title:  Microsoft Fabric – The Future of Data Analytics?

Speaker: Marthe Moengen, MVP, Norway

Date and Time:  Tuesday, October 17th, 10:00am – 11:00am CEST

Webinar Description:   In May, Microsoft unleashed a game-changing force upon the analytics world with the introduction of Microsoft Fabric. This groundbreaking technology has been hailed as a paradigm shift, completely transforming the landscape of data-driven analytics. Are you ready to embark on this revolution? Join me in this session as we take a look at the disruptive power of Microsoft Fabric and explore how it revolutionizes how we approach analytics. What are the key features and capabilities that make Fabric a catalyst for change in the technology landscape? Why is this so revolutionary?

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Title:  Real World Learnings From 1 Million Teams, Groups, SharePoint Sites and More!


Michal Pisarek (CEO Orchestry)

Joy Apple (Director of Partner & Customer Success Orchesty)

Date and Time:  Wednesday, October 18th, 10:00am – 11:00am CEST

Webinar Description:  Ready to learn from the mistakes of others?

With over 25 years of combined experience in the Microsoft environment, Michal & Joy have worked with over 1 Million Teams, Groups, and SharePoint Sites and have seen it all. Now, they’re sharing their insights with you! From organizations with over 400,000 guests and thousands of inactive Teams, to totally locked-down environments with massive IT bottlenecks, get ready to learn from the mistakes of others in this engaging data-driven session! Plus, they’ll share how small changes to your governance today can make a significant impact immediately. You’ll Learn the Best & Worst Practices for Workspace Usage, Workspace Naming, Guest Management, End-User & Admin Adoption, Teams Archiving, Creation Permissions & more!

Benefits of Attending the Webinar:

  • Optimization Guidance: Learn what to do and what not to do to optimize your teams and Microsoft 365 environment.
  • Real-World Peer Comparison & Benchmarks: Benchmark your organization practices against industry standards by understanding how others manage their Microsoft 365 environments,
  • Governance and Adoption: Discover effective governance and adoption practices to maximize M365 efficiency.
  • Problem-Solving and Best Practices: Navigate the Microsoft 365 landscape with battle-tested strategies, avoiding common pitfalls, and achieving peak performance for your organization.

Experience: Level 200 (familiarity will help but this is not a technically advanced topic)

Audience: IT Pro, Business Decision Maker, Power User

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Title:  Don’t trust the Power Query Editor

Speaker:  Erik Svensen, MVP, Denmark

Date and Time:  Wednesday, December 6th, 11:00am – 12:00pm CET

Webinar Description:  The Power Query editor is a really great editor when transforming and importing data into your Power BI Model. But it sometimes doesn’t do exactly as we want. If you want to fully control what is happening in Power Query you must be aware of some of these pitfalls and begin to master the M language.

In this session, Erik will illustrate some of these possible problems and how to handle them. This will require knowledge about parameters, the advanced editor and the core elements in the Power Query language – but don’t be scared it’s actually quite simple and will hopefully improve your queries speed and flexibility in the future.

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Power BI webinar - Reports and SVG

Title: Get answers from reports faster with SVG

Speaker: Štěpán Rešl, MVP, Czech Republic

Date and Time:  Thursday, 11th January 2024, 11:00am – 12:00pm CET

Webinar Description: SVGs have been around for a very long time. However, their use in Power BI was minimal for a long time. However, their use is gradually being unlocked, and they can still be used in more and more places. We can even use them within the visuals to draw some detail that would be very difficult to create with classic visuals, or we would need many. Not all visuals still support them, though! Let’s look together at which visuals we can use in connection with SVG and how to use DAX to maintain our dynamic SVGs that can help reveal important information in the data and help convey important messages.

Benefits of attending the webinar:
SVGs are not only within the Power BI world but are used in all possible systems. During the lecture, we will explain that making them and even writing them yourself is not too difficult. Thanks to this, we can generate them using any language, which can render either directly SVG or at least HTML. But everything will be related to Power BI and its DAX language so that SVG can be generated with it and with them so that we can support user perception within the report and thus bring answers in the shortest possible time.

Speaker Bio: Štěpán is a data lover, especially in the ecosystem of Microsoft tools. He primarily focuses on Power BI, Microsoft Fabric, Azure Synapse and Azure SQL. In general, he follows a very simple motto: Don´t say it cannot be done, or someone who doesn´t know it will come and do it.

Experience: Level 200/300

Audience:  Developers, IT Pros, Data Viz

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Title: Microsoft 365 Dev Security – From full trust to ZeroTrust

Speaker: Markus Möller, MVP, Germany

Date and Time: TBC

Webinar Description: Join us for this webinar with Markus Moller where he focuses on a comprehensive range of SharePoint and Microsoft 365 development security patterns. These patterns are not only versatile but also find their relevance in ZeroTrust environments. Markus will dive into essential scenarios including Authentication protocols, the intricacies of Azure AD app registrations, adept handling of Graph API permissions, the seamlessness of Single Sign-On (SSO), secure credential management, the strategic utilization of Managed Identities, and the nuanced realm of resource-specific consent. Security is an ever-evolving landscape, and as such, Markus will provide you with the most current and pertinent insights on this subject.

Benefits of attending:
You will gain the proficiency to construct, validate, and utilise markedly secure M365 custom applications, regardless of whether you’re engaged in low or high-code development. These patterns are universally applicable to all applications. You will gain a deeper understanding of these patterns and their real-world applications, equipping you to navigate the intricate domain of modern application security with confidence.

Speaker Bio: Markus is an architect and technical expert for Microsoft 365 Development. He works for Avanade, is based in Munich and is a Microsoft MVP for M365 Development.

Experience: Level 300

Audience: Developers, IT Pros, Makers, Architects

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