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Gain invaluable insights directly from Product Team Members as they share their expertise across AI, Copilot, OneDrive, Microsoft 365, SharePoint Portals, Microsoft Viva and much more. Microsoft will discuss the latest product updates and breaking news straight from Ignite allowing you to stay ahead of the curve. Don’t miss out on your chance to get your burning questions answered with our exclusive Microsoft Ask Me Anything session.


Jeff Teper

Join Jeff and other product leaders from Microsoft as they highlight the value and benefit of Microsoft 365 innovation. You'll hear and see AI innovation, advances in employee experiences, and content services that help automate the flow of work.

Dona Sarkar

How many of you have heard that AI is here to take your job? Yeah, exactly. Us too. Yet, here we are, employed and busier than EVER. In this keynote, you’ll learn: 1.What in this latest AI craze is hype and what is real? 2. What are successful companies actually doing with AI these days?3. What are 3 things that you ABSOLUTELY should be doing in the next 6 months to get your business ready to implement AI in a secure and responsible way?

Karuana Gatimu

Karuana Gatimu is a business architect and productivity expert currently working in the Microsoft Teams product group. With a 25-year history in collaboration technology and corporate IT, she is experienced in Microsoft 365 services with a focus on Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Power Platform. She combines her technical expertise with a passion for community management and a #PeopleFirst approach to business transformation.

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Session – 30 Minutes
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Karuana Gatimu & Heather Cook
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Karuana Gatimu & Heather Cook
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Karuana Gatimu & Heather Cook

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