Securing Azure Service Bus for the Enterprise

Your messages represent value, so you want to ensure they are secure from attackers and prying eyes. But how can you make sure that we only allow systems that we trust to reach Service Bus? How do we guarantee that these messages are encrypted? And how to assure that only authenticated users and applications can communicate with their own queues, topics, and subscriptions?

In this session you will learn all about the various security mechanisms which Service Bus provides, and how you can leverage them to keep your messages secure. We will dive into a variety of topics, such as the differences between using Shared Access Signatures and Azure Active Directory, setting up the right level of network security, and leveraging encryption of your messages, both during transport and while they are being stored.

You should not have to worry about your message security, but instead focus on bringing value to your solutions. After attending this session you will know exactly how to secure your messages and when to leverage specific security mechanisms.

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