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ESPC23  - Join us for some amazing full day tutorials

We are thrilled to announce 11 incredible deep dive tutorials for ESPC23.

Participating in a pre-conference full day tutorial provides a unique chance to immerse yourself in your chosen topic, unleash your full potential, and gain insights from masters in their field.

The ESPC23 Tutorials will cover: Microsoft 365, Microsoft Identity Platform, AI & Azure, ChatGPT, Power Apps & Power Automate, Purview, Viva & Syntex, Security, Copilot and Microsoft Teams. Read through all the tutorials below to discover which one will give you the expertise you need to excel in your projects.

ESPC23 Tutorials

In this full day workshop, Susan Hanley and Mark Rackley will guide you through the process of architecting and implementing an effective Corporate Communications strategy using Microsoft 365.

Participants will leave this workshop with a thorough understanding of how to create Power Apps with a responsive design and a remarkable user interface, as well as the tools to speed up future app projects by reusing components and templates.

In this workshop we would not only like to show you how you can best manage your tenant, but also share some best practices in configuring your tenant.

Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code is a tool for building Teams apps, fast. 

In this tutorial, you will learn how to build apps using Teams Toolkit, covering things such as a  tooling overview, building bots, building tabs, integrating Teams client side library, and provisioning and deploying apps.

In order to attend this tutorial, you need to know about client-side development (specifically JavaScript/TypeScript).

This tutorial will teach you how to leverage the Microsoft identity platform to secure your custom-developed software solutions.

By the end of this tutorial, you will have mastered the Microsoft identity platform and will be able to leverage the full power of Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Microsoft 365.

This tutorial is aimed at developers who want to understand how to architect and implement the security of real-life enterprise-level solutions.


In this full-day tutorial, we discuss the different automation tools that can assist administrators and developers in managing their Azure cloud infrastructure. 

Whether you are new to automation or an experienced user, join us to learn how to choose the right tool for your Azure infrastructure deployment and management tasks.


Since ChatGPT, everybody became aware of the power of large AI models, yet not many people have an overview of this field, and how to get started.

This workshop provides a closer look at the state of the art of large AI models that you can use. This is a rapidly evolving field and the workshop will aim at talking about the available state of the art.

This workshop will start introductory but cover more advanced topics. No deep-learning experience required.

This workshop will be a deep-dive on strategies for planning and executing Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle and Records Management in the workplace from both a Records Manager’s and IT-Pro’s perspective. With compliance concerns on the rise in the modern workplace today, compliance teams are reaching out to their IT-Pro partners for assistance. This is unfamiliar territory for many; this workshop is built to help clear the path forward for both sides.


This is a deep-dive workshop on modern infrastructure security – on premise and in the cloud. During this workshop, we will learn how to identify the areas of vulnerability and manage them.

After completing this course, you will know how to analyze emerging trends in attack techniques, identify areas of vulnerability within your organization, prepare a risk assessment for your organization, and much more!

In this interactive workshop, we will start at the beginning and ramp up your copilot understanding with education sessions and interactive sessions where you can test the tools out in a safe space. Be prepared to truly understand how this works so you can be READY for some of the biggest changes about to take place in the tech world TODAY!

This workshop will:

  • Demonstrate the art of the possible for Content AI.
  • Provide practical use cases for them with real examples from the presenters.
  • Provide you with hands-on experience with each of them that you can use to take back for your organisation or clients.
  • Position you for the future of AI with your content.
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