Securing Custom Software Solutions with the Microsoft Identity Platform

This tutorial will teach you how to leverage the Microsoft identity platform to secure your custom-developed software solutions.

You will learn how to implement Authentication and Authorization with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD), what the supported token flows of AAD are, how to use AAD to secure web applications, REST APIs, Azure Functions, back-end or middleware services, or Power Platform solutions.

You will also learn about an application or delegated access tokens, and how to retrieve such tokens using the most recent libraries and components offered by Microsoft in order to consume Microsoft Graph, any Microsoft 365 workloads, or any other third-party or custom API.

By the end of this tutorial, you will have mastered the Microsoft identity platform and will be able to leverage the full power of Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Microsoft 365.

This tutorial is aimed at developers who want to understand how to architect and implement the security of real-life enterprise-level solutions.

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