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Becoming authentic, always learning and mastering our power skills are mantras for the modern professional. But how?

D&I Sessions

Karuana Gatimu & Heather Cook, Microsoft

Meaningful Connections Session

馃搷 Inspire Stage, EXPO

Karuana and Heather will discuss how showing respect, empathy, and kindness to those you work with builds trust across your team.

We will discuss tactics for establishing your base of knowledge in your field, how to give your team autonomy and more tools for becoming a great leader.聽

Leadership Session

馃搷Inspire Stage, EXPO

Karuana and Heather will discuss connecting skills for both introverts and extroverts. Explore ways to be comfortable in those first-time meetings.

We will look at how to create you elevator pitch and a list of tactics to take with you for all your meaningful connection moments’.聽

Mentoring Session

馃搷 Inspire Stage, EXPO

They will discuss the benefits of both being and having a mentor. Having an outside eye to your career from both perspectives is crucial to your growth. Anyone who ever participated in mentoring will tell you that.

We learn when we teach and we teach when we learn’.

D&I Lunch: From Origin Stories to the Future of Work: Diversity & Inclusion in Our Day to Day

馃搷 Europe Foyer

The tech community is something special.

In this session you will hear how the SharePoint community was instrumental in helping to transform my own career and many of the hardships, highlights and lessons learned along the way. From starting out as an end user of a technology I loved, to working on one of the most technical teams in the world, this journey is something that will inspire you to do more at work, with others and grow together through sharing.

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