Get your Microsoft 365 Tenant in Shape, Secure and Compliant

All the time, we talk about Microsoft 365 as it were a product. But we are all aware it is a combination of products, and hence (or alas), it comes with many admin centres and many more configuration and security options. In this workshop we would not only like to show you how you can best manage your tenant (through the UI, through PowerShell and/or through the Microsoft 365 CLI, manually or automated), but also share some best practices in configuring your tenant.

We will discuss the tenant’s security and compliance posture and how you can influence those.
Your business has some super secret project they’re working on, and they want the best protection they can have?
We will show you how you can achieve that. Your compliance officer has received a GDPR data subject request?

We will demonstrate what Microsoft has to offer on this topic. You are wondering which external applications have access to your tenant and how you can be more restrictive in the future? We’ve got you covered. A full day with tips, tricks, best practices and examples. If you’re an IT administrator and you would like to make your life easier, this tutorial is for you.

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