Turning Content to Knowledge with Microsoft Syntex and Viva Topics

The volume of content and data being created around the world is continuing to accelerate but the services to make this usable have lagged…until now. With the introduction of Microsoft Syntex to provide content categorisation and Viva Topics to identify common themes, Microsoft provides Content AI to empower all employees to use the data and knowledge at the right place and right time for them.

Processing your content with structured and unstructured models in Microsoft Syntex provides the understanding of your documents to make them easily searchable and even surface intelligent results. Connecting your topics to your managed metadata to build the links between your content and knowledge and then looking at your full content lifecycle. All of this is built into the familiar hub that is Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

Now you just need to learn how.

This workshop will:
– Demonstrate the art of the possible for Content AI
– Provide practical use cases for them with real examples from the presenters
– Provide you with hands-on experience with each of them that you can use to take back for your organisation or clients
– Position you for the future of AI with your content

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