Building Apps for Microsoft Teams with Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code

Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code is a tool for building Teams apps, fast.

Teams Toolkit provides support for the end-to-end Teams development journey, including:

– Support for all major Teams extensibility surfaces, including tabs, bots, and message extensions.
Integrations with the tools, languages, and frameworks you know and love.
– Scaffolds for getting started fast with Teams extensibility surfaces and common scenarios such as notifications and command & response-style bots.
– Rapid iteration with full-stack debugging, hot reload, and secure tunneling.
– Simplified SSO authentication.
– Integrated support for hosting, data storage, and serverless functions.
– CI/CD actions for GitHub and Azure DevOps to deliver apps with confidence.

Whether you are new to Teams platform or a seasoned developer, Teams Toolkit is the best way to create, build, debug, test, and deploy apps.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to build apps using Teams Toolkit, covering:

– Tooling overview
– Build bots
– Build tabs
– Integrate Teams client side library
– Provision and deploy apps

In order to attend this tutorial, you need to know about client-side development (specifically JavaScript/TypeScript).

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