[SOLD OUT] Mastering Infrastructure Automation Tools for Efficient Azure Management

This tutorial is now sold out.

In this full-day tutorial, we discuss the different automation tools that can assist administrators and developers in managing their Azure cloud infrastructure. We will take a close look at various tools, both from Microsoft and third-party vendors, examining their use cases, advantages, and disadvantages. Our discussion will cover Azure PowerShell, CLI, and ARM templates (in Bicep and JSON format), providing insights into automating resource creation, application deployment, and infrastructure management. Additionally, we look into Terraform, a popular open-source solution, and how it can be employed in Azure. We’ll demonstrate how you can fully automate the deployment process using GitHub Actions. With a handful of demos throughout the tutorial, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the different automation options available in Azure. Whether you are new to automation or an experienced user, join us to learn how to choose the right tool for your Azure infrastructure deployment and management tasks.

Tutorial Agenda
Module 1: Using Azure Cloud Shell / Visual Studio Code / Windows Terminal
Module 2: Azure PowerShell
Module 3: Azure CLI
Module 4: Azure Resource Manager Template (JSON and Bicep)
Module 5: Terraform
Module 6: Automate architecture deployments with GitHub Actions

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