Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals – Study Prep

I’ve just completed the Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals exam. I thought it’d be useful to go into what you should study and understand before sitting the exam, keep in mind I can’t share the exam details, but I can give you a general guide based off of Microsoft’s study guide.

🎯 Who Should Consider This Certification?

Whether you’re an AI Engineer, Developer, Data Scientist, Student, or an enthusiast from a non-technical background, this certification is your gateway to exploring and validating your knowledge in AI and ML.

📘 Key Areas to Explore

Understanding AI Workloads and Considerations (15–20%)

Identify Features of Common AI Workloads

  • Data Monitoring and Anomaly Detection: Understand how to identify unusual patterns or activities using Azure’s Anomaly Detector API.
  • Content Moderation and Personalization: Learn how to filter and control accessible content and personalize user experiences.
  • Computer Vision: Explore image classification, object detection, and OCR.
  • Natural Language Processing: Dive into key phrase extraction, entity recognition, and sentiment analysis.
  • Knowledge Mining: Understand how to extract actionable insights from structured and unstructured content.
  • Document Intelligence: Learn how to analyze and extract information from documents.
  • Generative AI: Explore generative AI models and their common scenarios.

Guiding Principles for Responsible AI

  • Understand and apply considerations for fairness, reliability and safety, privacy and security, inclusiveness, transparency, and accountability in AI solutions.

Fundamental Principles of Machine Learning on Azure (20–25%)

Identify Common Machine Learning Techniques

  • Understand scenarios and applications for regression, classification, clustering, and deep learning techniques.

Core Machine Learning Concepts

  • Learn about features and labels in datasets and the usage of training and validation datasets.

Azure Machine Learning Capabilities

  • Explore Automated ML, data and compute services, and model management and deployment capabilities in Azure Machine Learning.

Features of Computer Vision Workloads on Azure (15–20%)

Identify Common Types of Computer Vision Solution

  • Understand image classification, object detection, OCR, and facial detection and analysis solutions.

Azure Tools and Services for Computer Vision Tasks

  • Explore the capabilities of Azure AI Vision service, Azure AI Face detection service, and Azure AI Video Indexer service.

Features of Natural Language Processing (NLP) Workloads on Azure (15–20%)

Identify Features of Common NLP Workload Scenarios

  • Understand and implement key phrase extraction, entity recognition, sentiment analysis, language modeling, speech recognition and synthesis, and translation.

Azure Tools and Services for NLP Workloads

  • Learn about the capabilities of Azure AI Language service, Azure AI Speech service, and Azure AI Translator service.

Features of Generative AI Workloads on Azure (15–20%)

Identify Features of Generative AI Solutions

  • Understand generative AI models, common scenarios, and responsible AI considerations for generative AI.

Capabilities of Azure OpenAI Service

  • Explore natural language generation, code generation, and image generation capabilities of Azure OpenAI Service.

🔍 Example of Deep Diving into Specific Concepts

  • Data Management: Learn the significance of data splitting for effective model training and evaluation.
  • Anomaly Detection: Utilize Azure’s Anomaly Detector API to identify unusual patterns in data over time.
  • Generative AI: Explore generative AI solutions and understand the capabilities of Azure OpenAI Service.

📚 Preparation Path

  • Utilize the study guide and resources provided by Microsoft.
  • Engage with the community, ask questions, and share knowledge.
  • Take practice assessments to validate your preparation.

🎉 Benefits of Certification

  • Showcase your skills and knowledge in AI and ML.
  • Utilize the certification as a stepping stone for your career.
  • Celebrate your achievement by sharing your certification badge on LinkedIn.

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McAlpine, L. (2023). Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals – Study Prep. Available at: [Accessed: 16th January 2024]. 

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