Microsoft Fabric for the Power BI Professional

You’ve been working with Power BI for some time, but now there’s this whole new “Microsoft Fabric” thing that Power BI is a part of. The question is, “why does it matter? Why do I care”. The reality is, Microsoft Fabric brings a whole wealth of features to Power BI that were either unavailable before, or relatively inaccessible. Within the context of Fabric, Power BI now has access to all parts of the analytics stack including advanced ETL, data warehousing, real time analytics, Artificial Intelligence, event processing and more.

This hands on tutorial will expose you to all of the new things that Fabric brings to the table from a uniquely Power BI perspective. During this tutorial, you will provision a new tenant, and walk through a series of exercises that expose you to many of these fabric features. After the tutorial, you will retain access to the tenant for 90 days.

Exercises will include:

  • Reporting without Power BI Desktop
  • Provisioning a developer tenant
  • Data Engineering with OneLake
  • Real time analytics with KQL databases
  • Shaping data with Data Factory Pipelines and Gen 2 Dataflows
  • No refresh reporting with DirectLake

This will be a HANDS ON tutorial. Attendees will need to bring a laptop.


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