Bicep: From Zero to Hero

Join this full day, high-paced, hands-on tour through the world of Infrastructure as Code!

Designed for both IT professionals and developers, this tutorial is your gateway to mastering Infrastructure as Code on Azure. Whether you’re new
to Bicep or looking to deepen your existing knowledge, this tutorial is structured to enhance your skills at every level.

Key Learnings Covered:

  • Introduction to Bicep: Learn what Bicep is, understand its core principles and benefits over traditional ARM templates.
  • Hands-On exercises: Dive into Bicep templates with guided exercises that demonstrate how to efficiently deploy Azure resources.
  • Modular Development: Learn the ins and outs of using and creating modules, which are essential for reusable, maintainable, and scalable code.
  • Azure Verified Modules: Leverage Azure Verified Modules (AVM) and align your deployments with Microsoft-supported best practices.
  • Private Module Hosting: Host your own Bicep modules in Azure Container Registry, allowing for customized, secure, and private module management.
  • Advanced Techniques: Learn advanced features for improving your templates and deployment strategies.

This tutorial not only teaches you the theoretical aspects of Bicep but also provides practical, hands-on experience with expert-led demonstrations and
interactive sessions. By the end of the day, you will possess the skills to deploy Azure infrastructure reliably using Bicep.

Join us to transform your capabilities and become a Bicep hero in your organization!

Bring your computer, questions and an open mind!

Requires some previous Azure experience.
To be able to fully follow along and deploy your code, access to your own Azure environment is needed.

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