An Evening of Celebration and Achievement: Recapping ESPC Inspire Awards 2023

The spotlight was on, the carpet rolled out, and the air was filled with anticipation as the award finalists, delegates, speakers, and more gathered for the much-anticipated 2023 ESPC Inspire Awards ceremony. Held on the brand new Inspire Stage in the EXPO, the evening was a celebration of acknowledging remarkable talents, inspiring personalities, and those who drive positive change within our community.

Celebrating & Announcing the Winners 🏆

The ceremony kicked off during EXPO drinks and there was a vibrant and exciting atmosphere all round. People in attendance were treated to a fantastic opening welcome from the ESPC Team and wonderful Judging Panel. The energy was palpable as the stage came to life with the excitement and anticipation of those in the room waiting to hear who the winners for each award category were. So, without further ado, let me introduce to you the ESPC Inspire Awards 2023 Winners!

Find out more about the finalists here.

Award Winners

As the evening unfolded, the awards ceremony commenced and the finalists were honoured across the 9 distinct categories. In an evening filled with celebration and recognition, the following individuals each took home a coveted award in their respective categories:

Best Community Contributor Award – Martin Lingstuyl

Best Podcast – CollabTalk by Christian Buckley

Best YouTube Channel – Andy Malone

Best Online Courses – Voitanos by Andrew Connell

Diversity Leader Award – Tricia Sinclair

Tech Trailblazer Award – João Ferreira

Wellness Champion Award – Ståle Hansen

“Stale Hansen has been a leading beacon for working smarter for many years. He has been speaking at Microsoft Ignite talking about OneNote way back when, and when Viva Insight came he was one of the first to really deep dive into it, and he has been speaking about Digital Wellbeing on numerous conferences and he also created a video series in 4 modules, altogether 8 hours about Digital Wellbeing concept, this is freely available on YouTube. Management groups around the world is contacting him to present this in their leader teams just by watching the series. He has created a simple yet complete way to both implement and manage Digital Wellbeing in organizations and is passionately teaching others about this. As a leader he implemented Meeting Free Friday in CloudWay, a day where we avoid meetings and use it to summarize our week and get ready for the next, so when the time goes weekend it is truly weekend and we can rest and be together with our loved ones. He not only talks about Digital Wellbeing, he coaches us as employees, customers, partners, everyone. The description of this reward encompasses what Stale is and he truly deserves this awar

Mentorship Award – Gift Ahmed

“His expertise, willingness to share knowledge, accessibility, provision of constructive feedback.”

“He has an exemplary leadership skill, and his profound knowledge ICT had guided me through challenges and inspired my professional growth.”

Young Female STEM Award – Sara Lagerquist

“Sara organizes the best events and makes sure there is a diversity of speakers. Sara was one of the first people in the community who gave me a helping hand. She is direct, genuine and gives great feedback. On top of that she is very competent in her field acting as a role model.”

Best Tutorial – Paolo Pialorsi

Paolo’s Tutorial Securing Custom Software Solutions with the Microsoft Identity Platform was voted Best Tutorial at ESPC23. This tutorial taught those in attendance how to leverage the Microsoft Identity platform to secure your custom-developed software solutions. Congrats to Paolo on this fantastic achievement!👑

Congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding achievements and contributions to their respective fields!

Awards Recap

This year at ESPC we wanted to place a special emphasis on recognising and awarding those who have made a lasting impact on the Microsoft 365 community. The Microsoft 365 community is, as we know it to be, a diverse and vibrant group of professionals who share their knowledge, skills, and passion for technology. They are the ones who drive innovation, collaboration, and positive change in the industry and beyond – those who inspire us to learn, grow, and achieve more.

We are delighted to have been able to reward these fantastic community members for all their hard work and dedication to helping and growing the community. This is our way of giving back to the people who give so much to our community.

We would like to say one last congratulations to all ESPC Inspire Awards Winners and Finalists. There were some fantastic names in there and it wasn’t an easy decision for the judging panel.

And a final note, we would also like to thank our wonderful judges who took the time to review and research each nominee to determine a winner in the fairest manner.


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