ESPC: The Unmissable Experience – Why Should You Attend?

This year, we will host ESPC in Amsterdam, Netherlands from 27-30 November 2023, and here are some of the big reasons to attend ESPC:

AI is hot! – We have officially entered the Copilot era and it has presented itself as an opportunity to reinvent the way we work. Since its launch earlier this year, over 130,000 organisations have reaped the benefits from its capabilities. Microsoft themselves believe that there will soon be a Copilot for everyone and anyone – a Copilot for everything and anything you do. That’s why we have a dedicated Copilot tutorial at ESPC this year – DIY Your Copilot with Low Code and/or High Code AND a full keynote – These Are Definitely the Droids you Are Looking for (AI, Copilots, and What it Means for You) and plenty of great sessions like Microsoft 365 Copilot.

Dive deep into the learning experience – Across 4 jam-packed days with 130+ SESSIONS, including 11 full-day TUTORIALS, 4 inspiring KEYNOTES, and a brand new development and wellness stage – the INSPIRE STAGE – you’ll learn from the world’s leading experts across a variety of topic areas including AI, Teams, Power Platform, SharePoint, Azure & more!

Make quality connections with like-minded professionals – Meet 2000+ IT Pros, Developers, Makers, and Business Decision Makers, including Microsoft leaders, independent industry experts, and world-class solution providers from 50+ countries. Connect with the people who can take your career and company to the next level. The community is famous for its friendliness and at ESPC you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the company and know-how of your fellow professionals across a series of at-event and social conference activities. 

Slow down to speed up – Taking a break from the daily grind can help you unlock new opportunities and refresh your way of thinking. Use this time to recharge, have fun, and plan for the future with your team. You’ll return to work with a renewed sense of energy and purpose.

Refresh – With so much change, keep up with the latest and greatest product developments and practices that matter most.

Revitalise – Find new and better ways of working, to bring new energy and effectiveness to your work.

Focus - 4x days of Microsoft 365 & Azure inspiration, a real chance to dive deep into the topics, to get away from the office and think, learn, and enjoy time with your peers. 

Depth - Catering for levels 100-400, there is something for everyone at ESPC!

Experts – Hear from the best of the best. Microsoft Product Team members, RDs, MVPs, MCMs and independent experts

Independence - Information and advice you can trust, learn what’s trending and what works.

Vendors – Find the best solutions from the best local, European and Global providers.

Microsoft – Hear the future first. ESPC will have the most up to date learning and the very latest announcements from Microsoft Leaders and Product Team members.

Setting – Amazing venue and location that facilitate comfort, ease of learning and bringing the community together. 

FOMO – ESPC is not just a conference, it’s an immersive journey into the latest advancements, a playground for tech enthusiasts, and a melting pot of ideas shared by industry leaders. The fear of missing out on ESPC is not merely the dread of skipping a conference; it’s the realisation that, by not attending, you might miss out on a pivotal moment of insight, a groundbreaking tutorial, or an opportunity to connect with the tech community’s best and brightest. Why would you risk it?

By attending ESPC, you’ll stay ahead of the rapid developments and uncover the incredible opportunities offered by the Microsoft 365 Suite.

Get ready to ignite your career and take your Microsoft 365 knowledge to the next level at ESPC later this month. This is a can’t-miss event for IT pros, developers, admins, makers, and business decision-makers looking to stay ahead of the curve in the fast-moving Microsoft 365 space.

Stay Up To Date By Attending ESPC⚡

Prepare to be inspired, informed and equipped for the dynamic changes that lie ahead. Don’t miss out on all these reasons to attend ESPC in Amsterdam.

Book before it’s too late… 🏃🏽⌛

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