Celebrating Excellence and Innovation: ESPC Inspire Awards 2023

It’s not long until we will be making our way to the beautiful city of Amsterdam for another jam-packed week full of learning, networking, and fun! But as well as all that good stuff, this year we are placing a special emphasis on recognising and awarding those who have made a lasting impact on the Microsoft 365 community.

The Microsoft 365 community is, as we know it to be, a diverse and vibrant group of professionals who share their knowledge, skills, and passion for technology. They are the ones who drive innovation, collaboration, and positive change in the industry and beyond – those who inspire us to learn, grow, and achieve more. They are the people who carve the path for us to follow, and the ones who radiate positive energy and demonstrate leadership within our community.

But how often do we get to show our appreciation and recognition for these amazing people… to celebrate their achievements and contributions to the community?

What are the ESPC Inspire Awards?

The ESPC Inspire Awards are a platform for doing just that – recognising and rewarding excellence and innovation across nine distinct categories that reflect the different aspects and values of the Microsoft 365 community. These categories are:

🏆 Best Community Contributor

🏆 Best Podcast

🏆 Best YouTube Channel

🏆 Best Online Courses

🏆 Diversity Leader Award

🏆 Tech Trailblazer Award

🏆 Wellness Champion

🏆 Mentorship Award

🏆 Young Female STEM Award

Find out more about each award here.

How to Get Involved ⭐

Do you know someone who has made a remarkable contribution to the Microsoft 365 community? Someone who has inspired you with their innovation, leadership, or diversity efforts? Someone who has supported you or others with their knowledge, skills, or mentorship?

If yes, then you have a chance to show your appreciation and recognition by nominating them for one or more of these Awards!

By nominating someone for the ESPC Inspire Awards, you are not only showing your appreciation for their work, but you are also helping them gain more visibility and recognition in the industry and the community. On top of that, you are also supporting ESPC’s mission to foster a culture of excellence, innovation, and collaboration within the Microsoft 365 space. Plus, you can win a €100 Amazon voucher doing so!

What do you need to do?

Nominating someone for the ESPC Inspire Awards is easy and simple. All you need to do is:

  • Visit ESPC Inspire Awards and fill out the ‘Quick Nomination Form’ with your details and the details of the person(s) you are nominating.
  • If you strongly feel the person you are nominating deserves to win, then write a concise nomination statement that explains why the person you are nominating deserves to win the award.
  • Submit your nomination before the deadline of October 10th and you will be entered into a draw to win an Amazon voucher!

Oh, and one more thing…!

We are thrilled to announce that the winners of these awards will be announced on the brand new Inspire Stage at ESPC in Amsterdam this November!

The Inspire Stage is a fresh conference experience coming to ESPC this year and is all about focusing on personal and professional growth, as well as promoting overall well-being.

A dedicated development and wellness space, the ESPC Inspire Stage is designed to provide attendees with opportunities to learn, reflect, and engage in activities that contribute to their personal and professional development, as well as their overall sense of wellness.

We are very excited to see this take shape in Amsterdam and to listen to some of the amazing stories from various renowned speakers in the community. Find out more and view the sessions scheduled to take place on the Inspire Stage.


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