Vesa Nopanen, MVP

Principal Consultant and Microsoft MVP working on Metaverse and Future Work on Microsoft Cloud. Microsoft Teams is the main portal for Microsoft’s Metaverse, allowing to creation of new business models and processes connecting people, applications, data and files with the help of digital fabric AI, Immersive Metaverse and meetings enable new ways how to meet, work, collaborate and share experiences together. Microsoft Mesh for Teams will enable everyone to participate – with PC/mobile or with Mixed Reality devices such as HoloLens.

This story is the beginning and I am guiding you and your organization on the road. I am extremely passionate about Metaverse and how it – with Microsoft Teams – enables change;  how people work together now and in the future. Microsoft Mesh, Microsoft Loop, Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Graph, Azure and other pillars of the Microsoft Cloud are building blocks to Metaverse.

Community: I am an active member in the Microsoft Teams Community, a speaker (Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft Build, Microsoft Business Applications Summit, Teams Nation, Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon, CollabDays and so on), a blogger ( ) and also an event & user group co-organizer (Teams Nation Community Conference & Monthly Meetups, Teams Community Finland).

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