Vesa Nopanen, MVP

Vesa “Vesku” Nopanen, Principal Consultant and Microsoft MVP working on Metaverse, AI and Future Work at Sulava.

Vesa works with Metaverse, AI, Microsoft Mesh, Virtual & Mixed Reality, The Future of Work, Digital Twins, and other services & platforms in the cloud connecting digital and physical worlds and people together.
The journey is on its early steps and Vesku is guiding you and your organization towards the Future of Work. He is extremely passionate about Metaverse, AI, Mixed & Virtual Reality and how these technologies, with Microsoft Teams and Cloud, enable to change how people work together and enable new opportunities.

Vesku has almost 30 years of experience in IT business on multiple industries, domains, and roles. He is also a futurist, active speaker, blogger, evangelist, and technology community member.

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