Building a Policy Center with PnP Modern Search

In a modern Intranet, we generally want to store content on the site where it should be managed. We think of this as distributed content management and it’s similar to the way News works in modern SharePoint. This usually means each department or organizational unit can manage their content using a process which makes sense for them.

At the same time, we may want to roll up that content in one central location for ease of access. A Policy Center is a great example of this approach and one we find ourselves building for many of our clients.

In this session, you’ll see how the following components add up to make a Policy Center:

  • Information architecture (IA) in the form of Site Columns and a Content-Type to represent a Policy
  • A Site Template which only instantiates a Policy library in the site and applies the IA
  • A Policy library in each Intranet site, deployed using the Site Template, with Policies specific to that department
  • Changes to the search schema to support metadata filtering
  • A Policy Center page built using PnP Modern Search Web Parts to display the Policies from across the Intranet

Additionally, we’ll discuss various approaches to solve the content management puzzle – before the Policy is even visible on the Intranet.


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