Classifying Paper Records and Identifying PII with SharePoint, AI and Purview

In a cutting-edge session centred around the practical application of AI in sensitive contexts, attendees will be introduced to the innovative utilisation of Microsoft AI in managing children’s Social Care Records.

Through a detailed scenario at a Local Regional Government organisation, this session will demonstrate how AI technology can seamlessly identify Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from scanned documents that have been OCR’d, classified and extracted.

A focal point will be the AI’s capability to detect dates of birth (DOB) and implement an offset retention rule—ensuring records are retained for 10 years after the child reaches 16 years of age. This session offers a vivid glimpse into AI’s role in enhancing data privacy and management practices in child social care.

The goals of this session include:

  • Demonstrating the practical application of Microsoft AI in identifying and managing PII in child social care records.
  • Highlight the technical capabilities of AI in enhancing data privacy and retention practices.
  • Foster dialogue on the ethical implications and best practices for employing AI in sensitive and regulatory-bound sectors.

Attendees will leave the session equipped with a deeper understanding of how AI can be responsibly and effectively utilised in data management, particularly in sectors handling sensitive information.

Attendees will also gain insights into the challenges and considerations involved in implementing AI solutions, poised to explore similar innovations within their organizations.


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