Cloud-Native Applications are More than just Kubernetes

Over the last decade, the compute runtimes in the cloud evolved tremendously: we went from VMs hosted in the cloud and naive implementations of IIS-based platforms we called “managed”, to full-blown serverless infrastructures, managed containers, managed orchestrators and more.

But the last years were particularly intriguing, as the focus moved away from virtualized hardware resources, to abstracting the application’s dependencies and resources in YAML-based definitions.

Whilst intriguing, this futuristic new landscape tends to be also confusing due to its steep learning curve. Adding to its uncertain nature, the result is that a lot of greenfield applications end up being designed as containerized mini-monoliths which do not benefit from any of the cloud characteristics (scalability, reliability, availability and other adjectives which end with “ity”). That’s not what cloud native was supposed to be!

Join me for this session where we will unwrap the fantastic opportunities Radius, Dapr and Azure Container Apps have to offer and how this application platform, runtime and service can collectively improve the infrastructures you’re responsible for and eventually, your life! Trust me, you’ll start rethinking application platforms in a way you never have before!


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