Empowering Your Business with Microsoft Teams Voice

In today’s business environment, communication is key to success. With the recent shift to remote work, organizations need a reliable, secure, and efficient communication platform to enable their teams to collaborate effectively. Microsoft Teams has emerged as a powerful collaboration tool that brings together chat, video meetings, file sharing, and more into a single application.

In this session, I will dive into the world of Microsoft Teams Voice and explore how it can help businesses improve communication and productivity. I’ll start by introducing the key features of Teams Voice, including making and receiving calls, voicemail, call queues, and more. We’ll also discuss the benefits of using Teams Voice as a complete phone system replacement, eliminating the need for legacy PBX systems.

Next, we’ll delve into the technical aspects of Teams Voice and discuss the setup process, licensing requirements, and network connectivity considerations. I will also touch on how to include all your users, including non-office workers that normally don’t use a computer or Teams for communication.

By the end of this session, IT professionals and decision makers will have a solid understanding of how Teams Voice can help their business improve communication and streamline workflows. Attendees will leave with practical insights and actionable steps to get started with Teams Voice today.


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