How to Execute JavaScript, TypeScript, and Excel Formulas In Power Automate

Power Automate has become an essential tool for the Microsoft 365 developer. However, all too often executing simple logic can become tedious and painful using Power Automate standard features. Doing math in Power Automate shouldn’t be so painful! Thankfully, Power Automate developers can now create scripts that use JavaScript, TypeScript, or even Excel formulas to execute complicated business logic and bring more power to your Power Automate solutions.

Attend this demo-packed session to learn out to take your Power Automate Flows to the next level as we dive into a real-world scenario and build a practical solution step-by-step.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  • How to execute Excel Formulas from Power Automate
  • How to execute JavaScript from Power Automate
  • Best practices for handling scripts
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