Knowledge Management within Microsoft 365 without Viva Topics

Viva Topics has been a valuable asset for knowledge management. However, as Viva Topics approaches its retirement in 2025, enterprises must strategically pivot toward more robust solutions.

In this session, we will walk through how you can transition away from Viva Topics, help your employees adapt to the change, and build knowledge management into your organization’s everyday work.

We will build out your organization’s roadmap to:

• Assess the impact of losing Viva Topics, even if you haven’t started using it organization-wide yet.
• Ensure you know how migration will work.
• The setup of your alternative solutions to keep your knowledge management running.
• How to train and ensure proper adoption to make the most out of your ‘institutional knowledge’.
• Establish governance with guidelines for content creation, moderation, and quality control.

As Viva Topics bows out, SharePoint and Microsoft Viva Engage emerge as powerful Copilot allies.

Come learn how organizations that proactively embrace this transition will thrive in the new era of knowledge management.


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